Our Foodie Boxes

  • This fast to cook, fresh BBQ food box is a steal for your next outdoor affair. It’s a sunny day and let’s make the most of it by soaking up the warmth with an impromptu Barbeque.

  • Choose these healthy food options to eat in between meals; improve mood, boost energy and get the day going! Energy levels high and your mind alert!

  • An innovative range of authentic Indian goodies, in a box for you to savor! A perfect companion when the mood is Indian and the craving – at its peak!

  • A taste of the perennially vibrant island cuisine – marked by a keen taste and a spicy jamboree of rich flavors!

  • Explore the Far East – encapsulated for you in a box! A gastronomic tour of all things Asian, and a glimpse of all things Far East!

  • Coconut, the staple of most South East Asian countries including India and Sri Lanka has multiple derivatives used in so many cuisines…check out a few of them yourself.

  • This Christmas, gift yourself and your near and dear ones a feel good box of goodies from Funky Foodie. With lots of snacks and chocolate bars paired with juices, the Funkyfoodie Christmas Box is a true snackers' paradise. Order today and snack away this festive season.