Snack Box

Choose these healthy food options to eat in between meals; improve mood, boost energy and get the day going! Energy levels high and your mind alert!

(Vat Extra)

Inside the Funky Foodie Snack Box, you’ll find a mouth-watering selection of exotic snacks to satiate in between meals cravings and for no-fuss party preparations.

  • Laila Shots Bombay Mix (50g) - This popular Indian snack mix features a sizzling blend of traditional spiceswith gram flour noodles, peanuts and pulses.
  • Laila Shots Chilli Lemon Corn (50g) - Flavoured with chilli, lemon and assorted spices, this delicious corn kernel snack mix will have you licking your lips with joy!
  • Laila Shots Balti Mix (50g) - This spicy snack mix with gram flour noodles, peanuts and pulses brings the traditional flavours of India right to your lunchbox.
  • Samai Plantain Chips Salted (75g) - These Ecuadorian plantain chips are flavoured with sea salt, for a healthy snack you can dig into any time of the day.
  • Samai Plantain Chips Garlic (75g) - Accented with garlic and a lovely blend of natural spices, these Ecuadorian plantain chips are warm, crunchy and filling.
  • Samai Plantain Chips Chilli (75g) - Your taste buds will escape into the Ecuadorian rainforestevery time you munch on these spicy, tangy plantain chips!
  • Microsnax Popcorn Salted (100g) - Quick and easy popcorn in minutes for the perfect movie snack to share with friends. Lightly salted to popcorn perfection.
  • Microsnax Popcorn Sweet (100g) - Quick and easy popcorn in minutes for the perfect movie snack to share with friends. Lightly sweetened to popcorn perfection.
  • Britannia Rich Pistachio Almond Cookies (72g) - Britannia Goodday Rich Pistachio & Almond Cookies are made from wheat, milk, butter,almonds, cashews and pistachios -enjoy with tea!

Preparing your spread

The Snack Box is perfect for weekends when you’re binge-watching telly or feel like skipping the pots and pans while preparing for an evening of drinks. And, the box is a collection of snacks from various cuisines, so it will feel like a mini holiday!

The Laila Shots Bombay Mix, Chilli Lemon Corn and Balti Mix bring the traditional flavours and aroma of Indian “namkeen” snack mixes to your table, while the three variants of the 100% vegetarian, kosher and gluten-free Samai Plantain Chips are versatile snacks that complement various cuisines, and will satisfy even the most finicky eaters.

The last two items in the box can beservedplain or turned into easy and wholesome starters. Try pairing the Hi Tempura Seaweed with Thai sweet chilli sauce and kimchi salad to intensify the Asian flavours even further. You can also make super-quick nachos by baking the Ochoa Cheese & Jalapeno Tortilla Chips with salsa and cheese, or go all out by adding fried beef, beans and peppers too. Serve them with a salsa or avocado dip.

Just lay out a spread of these crunchy quick-eats and indulge in a full range of global flavours. No one’s going to be complaining about a lack of variety when you’ve got the Funky Foodie Snack Box at hand!

Expert Hint: Serve the appropriate snacks from this box when you’re cooking mains or starters from the Taste of India, Taste of the Far East, Caribbean or Mexican boxes. It’s also a versatile companion box to pair with the BBQ Box, for assorted authentic snacks that are literally no work at all!

What you get in the Snack Box

  • Laila Shots Chilli Lemon Corn


  • Samai Plantain Chips salted


  • Samai Plantain Chips garlic


  • Samai Plantain Chips chilli


  • Microsnax Popcorn Salted


  • Microsnax Popcorn Sweet


  • Britannia Rich Pistachio Almond Cookies