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  • Beloved staples like corn meal, gari, black-eyed peas, hot shito paste… are just the beginning of our collection of stars of African cooking.Explore more here...

  • Rice & peas in thyme scented milk of coconut. Fragrance of allspice and pimento in the air as coals sear the Jerk Chicken. Are you dreaming of beach food, calypso and sipping on tender coconuts? Aren't you glad we stock them? We looooove our Caribbe

  • Mediterranean

  • Taco, quesadillas, burritos, yes… but when we do Mexican, you hear Mariachis serenading...think chicken and fish in tomatillo sauce, ruby red mole… mango flavoured habaneros and buttery beans that jump out of their skins. Cheesy nachos while we wait

  • Satays, vats of mushroom flavoured soy sauce, sweet & sour plums, rice sticks in spicy broths… prawn chips for tea with their neighbours around the South China Sea… We are proud of our collection of specialties from the Far East... we do have a weakn

  • Macaroni & Goulash Noodles with Grandma’s stamp of approval… chocolate and caramel filled croissants… the hardy and delicate culinary sensibilities of the European East meet here. And we are just getting started...keep coming back to see what we add

  • In the land of curry, Biryani became the King… so, we bring you the fragrant queen of rice, the acclaimed recipe mixes, traditional & beloved drinks…“better than bar nuts” Balti crunch… we didn't didn't forget the pickle. We’ll wait here with our Nim