Dips for various daily eats

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Prep time: 08:00 HR
Cook time: 00:25 HR


Serves: 2

Make amazing lunch sandwiches with pepper jack cheese, turkey breast, tomatoes, and onions dunked in KanKun Chipotle Hot Sauce, one of Mexico’s all-time favourite sauces.

Your favourite Chicken Burrito will acquire a whole new taste and feeling when you use KanKun Chipotle Hot Sauces the dip for your burritos. KanKun Chipotle Hot Sauce can also be used as a ready Grill marinade.



  • Bite sized meat or large prawns - 500g
  • KanKun Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • Lime – 1 large one


Just pour KanKun Chipotle Hot Sauce on a bowl of prawns or bite sized chicken /lamb /beef pieces of bone less meat with a dash of lime and refrigerate for 1 hour. For better taste, marinade overnight.

Take it out of the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature in a microwave.

Heat your grill and you have your Chipotle Hot Sauce grilled meat as sides for your favourite drink.