Tom Yum Goong

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Prep time: 00:15 HR
Cook time: 00:10 HR


Serves: 2

Tom Yum Goong is one of the most famous Thai foods and among the best soups worldwide. This thai recipe uses its main ingredient shrimps (Goong in Thai) in a most perfect way. Additionally the soup get its perfect flavour with the most essential trio of Thai herbs i.e Lemongrass, Kaffir leaves and Galangal. This trio fragrant herbs are the most important ingredient of Tom Yum Goong dish without which it is not a complete dish.These herbs are well known for its medicinal values. Apart from this, Nam prik pao (Thai roasted chili paste), a typical thai ingredient is used to give this dish its clasic richness in taste. This chilli paste is known for its lingering heat which is balanced with rich umami, subtle sweetness and is redolent with aromatics. 


  • 2 1/2 cups shrimp stock (best), canned chicken stock, or water
  • 10-12 shrimp or 8 oz (head-on and shell-on but chop the eyes part off, devein if you like)
  • 3 1/2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 6 bird’s eyes chilies (pounded)
  • 3 (big) slices galangal
  • 6 kaffir lime leaves (bruised)
  • 2 tablespoons nam prik pao (Thai roasted chili paste)
  • 2 tablespoons oil 
  • 3 teaspoons fish sauce
  • 1 stalk lemongrass (cut into 3-inch strips, pounded with a cleaver)
  • 6 canned straw mushrooms / fresh oyster mushrooms / fresh or canned button mushrooms


In a pot, bring 3 cups of water to boil. Then add a big handful of shrimp/prawn heads.

Boil the shrimp head until the water turns slightly orange in color. Press the shrimp heads with spatula to extract the “goodies” from their heads.

Let the stock reduce to slightly more than 2 1/2 cups. Drain the shrimp stock and discard the shrimp heads.

Add lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, bird’s eye chilies, mushrooms, nam prik bao to the shrimp stock and bring it to boil.

Add in the shrimp and fish sauce. Lastly, add the lime juice (if you add lime juice too early, the soup might turn bitter). Boil until the shrimps are cooked, dish out and serve hot.

Cook’s Note:You can use also chicken, a combination of chicken plus shrimp, or seafood combination (shrimp, squid, scallops, green-lipped mussels) for tom yum soup. It’s really up to you, but the most popular tom yum is tom yum goong, goong means prawn.