Buttermilk Pancake

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Prep time: 00:10 HR
Cook time: 00:10 HR


Serves: 4

A ready mix that can either become your favourite pancake or a waffle with ease, only from J.F.Mills Pancake & Waffle Mix. This has a twist. It is to be mixed with buttermilk instead of milk.


  • JF Mills Pancake Mix – 2 cups
  • Eggs – 2 large
  • Buttermilk – 3 cups
  • Butter – 4 tbs
  • Cooking oil or Butter for greasing
  • Toppings (optional) – Blueberries, Honey or Maple syrup


Whisk the pancake mix, eggs, butter and buttermilk into a smooth batter. Heat a pan to medium heat and grease it with a teaspoon on oil or a blob of butter. Pour a large ladle of the batter and spread it outwards in a concentric circle. Sprinkle the blueberries on top. Drizzle some oil on top and around the pancake as well.

When the batter begins to bubble on top and the pancake is slightly dry around edges, after about 2 minutes or so, flip over. Cook until golden on bottom, for about 1 minute.

Have it with Honey or Maple Syrup.