Yam Dumplings

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Prep time: 00:10 HR
Cook time: 00:10 HR


Serves: 4

These dumplings are made from cocoyam flour;  they are easy to make, and taste great with stew or soup...


  • 2 cups T/Way Fufu Flour - Cocoyam
  • Water in a large pan


Take water in a large pan, and bring to boil.

Once the water has reached boiling water and is bubbling, turn off the heat.

Slowly spoon in the yam flour, very gradually. Take care not to put in too much

Flour all at once, or else this will form lumps.

Keep stirring the mixture with a wooden ladle,

At this point you can add a little water and place the pan back on the fire, to cook on low heat.

Cook for about 5 minutes till the mixture cooks properly. It should not be too hard or too soft.

Add more flour if it is too soft, and a little hot water if it is too hard.

Stir well till smooth. Keep turning till a smooth lump is formed.