Basmati Rice


The extra-long, slender grains of Laila Basmati Rice gain a soft and fluffy texture on cooking. With a delicious flavor, superior aroma and packed full of nutrition and goodness it is not surprising that Laila is now of the the UK's Top 10 rice brands. Established in 1996 to bring high quality, authentic basmati rice to the rice-eating Asian community of the UK, Laila has quickly become one of the nation's favourites, popular with mainstream consumers and ethnic chefs alike due to its quality and authenticity.

Premium quality, finest old and mature rice. Vacuum-packed to ensure optimum preservation. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Storage : Ambient. Packed for Surya Foods, UK.

Sindhi Biryani made from Laila Basmati Rice

As its name implies, Sindhi biryani originated in the Sindh province of Pakistan, home to Karachi, the country's largest city and financial center. It is fiery, delicious and exotic, a perfect manifestation of characteristics of the place of its origins. Read More

Tomato Rice made from Laila Basmati Rice

Of South Indian origin, tangy Tomato Rice makes a great one-dish meal or as an accompaniment to a main meat dish. Turn plain rice into something special. Read More

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