Long Grain (Patna) Rice


The Laila brand is inspired by star-crossed lovers Laila and Majnu, whose love story dates back more than 1300 years. The original Romeo and Juliet, the classic tale is one of unending love and passion. With the same passion and enthusiasm, we lovingly produce each grain of Laila Basmati Rice, so you can enjoy perfect cooking results every time. If you 'Love Rice', you will 'Love Laila'!

Lamb Stuffed Peppers made from Laila Long Grain Rice

Try stuffing red peppers with a mixture made from minced lamb, rice and tomatoes, then baked to perfection. Read More

Caribbean Rice and Black Bean Salad made from Laila Long Grain Rice

For a spicy kick from the Caribbean why not give Caribbean rice and black bean salad a try. Read More

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