The Convergence. The expected - A small immigrant family follows their yearning for familiar scents. The unexpected - Curiosity drags them to the streets of the unfamiliar scents & flavours around them. They hear longings that match their own...for scents, flavours, memories.

Their heart and ingenuity respond. World flavours arrive at local markets & restaurants. They start small.  A few thoughtfully chosen ingredients. Then their world breaks open. People want more. They have touched a chord. And so began our story

Then curiosity came knocking. Something unexpected happened. People came looking. They knew world flavours. They wanted it on their fingertips… they weren’t going to sit on their haunches and pound seasonings – and - they weren’t going to use a poor replica either. They saw themselves as “Foodies with an edge”- the Funky Foodies…they could follow the trail of scents anywhere

And they asked… we answered. We built a virtual market. A home for Funky Foodies like us.

We are among friends here…can we brag a little?

Once upon a time (well ~ 30 years), a company named Surya Foods was born to a small family of food loving immigrants.  Surya grew up (~18 years ago) and became Flying Trade Limited, an English-Welsh company with a team of 1000+ in 30 countries.  Flying Trade spread its wings to food, hospitality, leisure, building beautiful hotels and more.

Yet, they didn’t forget their roots. They remain unrivalled as world food suppliers to supermarket giants like Tesco, Asda,Aldi, Sainsbury’s & Morrisons. They own UK’s top three rice brands - Laila, Salaam & Apna

They also didn’t forget their heart. They still supply to their beloved network of independent and small stores.

They never forgot their longings. They never forgot their people. Being tech-savvy foodies with an edge, now their worldwide reach of flavours and food makers comes to you as

There would be no Us, without You. Thank you.

We build worlds that connect people. There is nothing more powerful than food, shared memories & love. It touches every longing in all of us. In a curious thoughtful way, we are building a virtual world with food, evocative flavours and shared memories. This site is for the curious, the hungry and for you who wants the experience global flavours with ease and without pretension. You just have to be you, to be a funky foodie.

On our shelves… specially made seasonings, quick cook foods, interesting condiments, comforting staples and memories of home. Award-winning chefs, heritage spice makers, brands you won’t find on the shelves of supermarkets. Africa to Asia Pacific, Caribbean to Central America, Grandma-approved East European Specialties… It’s a growing list. We make it easy. We have Foodie Boxes thoughtfully packed with sets of seasonings and ingredients that will make many satisfying nap-inducing meals.

A Nourishing Venture without back-breaking, overwhelming, search-and-test method of meal making. One of our secret missions is to make complicated things simple. To make a non-cook, an instinctive cook. To make a weary, time cook, a Jedi of speed cooking. We do this with fragrant seasonings and basic ingredients. Jerk seasoning, chicken & coconut milk simmering while you shower… you never have to watch over jasmine rice in the rice cooker anyway! It isn’t just global; it is a food & foodie with an edge.

Life is richer when we are curious. We are happier when we feel connected and capable.

We are building a recipe bank. Think a foodie Think-tank. We invite you to cook with our seasonings and ingredients + share it with us (all the Funky Foodies). You can send it to (email address ). We are thrilled when you contribute. We will credit you with a flourish.